Allied Fitting LP

Allied Fitting LP for Albuquerque & El Paso Contractors

Allied Fitting LP is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of application fittings, flanges, valves, pipes, and other related products. Because Allied Fitting LP has combined their world-class distribution and manufacturing components, they can provide superior quality for both solutions. Allied Fitting LP combines world-class distribution and manufacturing capabilities with a commitment to meet the demand of leading chemical, nuclear, energy, construction, oil, gas, and other related companies. When time is critical and quality is key, Allied’s distribution expertise and significant inventory delivers top quality solutions to keep your business or home running.   

Simply put, Allied Fitting LP either sells and distributes the highest quality products or produces the materials themselves. Our customers don’t deserve anything less than the best, and Allied Fitting LP is dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality to you. Everyone knows that at the center of every successful company is a commitment to customer service. Allied Fitting LP has been delivering on their commitment for decades. Allied Fitting LP keeps their promises and counts on satisfied customers to continue to build a dependable reputation into the future.  

Albuquerque & El Paso Pipe and Pump Supply Co. locations want to bring Allied Fitting LP products to our customers in the Albuquerque and El Paso areas. We wholeheartedly approve of the products produced by Allied Fitting LP and want to share these quality products with our customer base in New Mexico and Texas. No matter your needs, we are ready to provide you with value-added service and the best products from around the world. We want to be the “go-to-guys” for quality products and value-added service in order to make our customers’ jobs easier and more profitable.      

At Albuquerque & El Paso Pipe and Pump Supply Co., we understand that running into plumbing problems is never a welcome event. That is precisely why we carry Allied Fitting LP Products. It’s important to install quality fittings the first time to avoid problems in the future. However, if you are making repairs, why not go with a top-notch fitting to save you from having to make repairs again in the near future. Quality products go into quality projects. It doesn’t get much more quality than Allied Fitting LP products. Take a look at our fittings supplied by Allied Fitting LP today.