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Flint and Walling

You need to have complete trust in your pump supplies, that’s why ABQ Pipe and Pump Supply Company stocks Flint &Walling products for our contractors. Flint & Walling has cemented a legacy of providing high-quality products to residential and commercial sites around the world for over 150 years. We know how important every job is. Home and business owners throughout New Mexico rely on highly trained contractors to provide pumping, draining and water delivery solutions that endure for years. Unfortunately, not all piping and pumping supplies are created equally. When you need consistent performance that exceeds expectations, you need the resources only available from Flint & Walling.

Trust Runs Deep With F&W

You can tell a lot about the quality of a company if you look at their history, innovation, and success. These hallmarks are what convinced ABQ Pipe to partner with F&W products. Since 1866, Flint & Walling have revolutionized water pumps around the globe. Their first hand-operated water pump was a huge success that changed the way the world accessed water. Today, they continue their 150 years of innovation and success by offering a vast product line that includes everything from city pressure booster pumps and submersible pumps to centrifugal pumps and jet pump motors. The Flint &Walling full catalog features applications for:

  • Residential Wells
  • Agriculture Irrigation
  • Residential Irrigation & Turf
  • Booster Pumps
  • Livestock Operations
  • Car Wash Operations
  • Drives & Controls
  • Sumps, Sewage & Utilities
  • Ponds & Fountains

Flint & Walling: Pumps for the Long Haul

If you want to know what makes a F&W product exceptional compared to competing pumps, look to their history of delivering reliability. Many of their customers have success stories, including one well service in Alabama. This family-owned business installed a F&W pump that needed to run 24/7 without fail. Unlike other products, the F&W 4-inch submersible pump ran nonstop for over seven years. Such durability is why so many businesses and homes around the world trust Flint & Walling with confidence.

Pumps You Can Rely On From ABQ Pipe

Albuquerque Pipe & Pump Supply Company is dedicated to your success. As a primary distributor of water pumping, drainage, and delivery products in New Mexico, we’ve got the supplies you need from reliable manufacturers like Flint and Walling which provide the durability, reliability, and confidence you seek.