Flint & Walling

Flint & Walling / Wolf Pumps

Flint & Walling have a history of excellence when it comes to the inventory that they produce. In 1866, Flint & Walling started operations in Kendallville, Indiana. The first products that Flint & Walling built were hand-operated water pumps and the Flint & Walling windmill, a product that quickly spanned the globe due to its revolutionary nature.

Now, the Flint & Walling product line contains a wide array of models including submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, jet pumps and booster pumps for at home, industry, and farm. For the completion of a specific job, Flint & Walling manufactures specialty items such as city pressure booster pumps and fountain pond pumps. Flint & Walling is the only US pump company to build its own 4 inch submersible motors, jet pump motors & centrifugal pump motors. To round out Flint & Walling’s line of products for the water industry, they offer a complete selection of controls and control packages.

Wolf Pump and sons began its operations in 1951 as a drilling and pump service company in Abernathy, Texas. Wolf recognized the need to design, manufacture, and build a pump with higher efficiencies to better accommodate the ever-changing water table, various applications and harsh West Texas conditions. Wolf and sons quickly grew out of their original location and it became evident that they must expand their facilities to accommodate future growth in new markets. In 2012, Wolf was purchased by Flint & Walling, a world-wide leader in the pump industry since 1866.

Today, Wolf pumps offers a solid line of products spanning from 4 inch to 8 inch submersible pumps with the capacity of testing up to 100 HP / 75 KW motors. In addition to submersible pumps, Wolf pumps also produces pump accessories. The pump is the heart of the system, but it is accompanied by other products that provide a complete and dependable solution. These accessories include clearview sight glass nipples that allow operators to observe water streams during pump operation, and McCrometer propeller flow-meters used for municipal and wastewater treatment applications, as well as agricultural and turf irrigation measurement.

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