Hammond Valve

Hammond Valve

Hammond Valve began in 1911 and was bought by the Milwaukee Valve Company in 1991. Their company began as a small plumbing and heating valves manufacturer. Over time, Hammond Valve expanded its inventory to what is now over five-thousand items. These items include small plumbing valves used in your home, to large commercial and industrial valves and almost every size and style in between.

Hammond Valve Company takes pride in their work and places extreme value on quality and safety. When it comes to design and manufacturing capabilities, Hammond Valve is second to none. Their factory operations are driven by constant reinvestment in equipment and machines, which enables them to maintain tight control on manufacturing. This control translates to predictable and reliable performance of the final products. They have a well-staffed engineering department, with groups in each of their factory operations to support not only the manufacturing of many products, but also the design and translation into manufactured items.

Their passion is to be the best, most responsive valve supplier, with a strong commitment to both quality and service. In a never ending effort to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers, Hammond Valve Company is driven by a sense of continual improvement and product development targeting the consistent ability to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction. From beginning to end, taking advantage of the best technologies available, their products are designed and manufactured for proven performance and will meet the utmost standards.

As the valve specialist, Hammond Valve maintains its product leadership across an expansive line of products including:

  • Gate, Globe, Check, Ball and Butterfly Valves
  • Brass, Bronze and Iron Valves
  • 1/8″ to 24″ Valves
  • 3 lb. Gas to 300 lb. Steam Valves
  • Domestic and Import Valves
  • Brass & Bronze Plumbing Valves
  • Heating and Gas Valves

Hammond Valve manufactures top of the line valves in a wide array of sizes and styles. Albuquerque & El Paso Pipe and Pump supply co. is proud to carry Valves manufactured by Hammond Valve Company. We have identified this brand as a reputable and trustworthy companion for any home or industrial project. Our mission at Albuquerque & El Paso Pipe and Pump supply co.  is to be the “go-to-guys” for quality products and value-added service in order to make our customers’ jobs easier and more profitable.