Viega LLC offers quality recognized by New Mexico contractors. Albuquerque Pipe & Pump Supply Company is proud to partner with Viega as a preferred vendor. Our goal is to make every job easier and more profitable for your business. Thankfully, high-quality parts from Viega accomplish that while delivering exceptional product reliability.

Viega — Connected in Quality

Viega’s designs multiple product lines that are used in applications across a spectrum of industries. They create the most premier plumbing systems in the market. Their dynamic creations include copper, plastics and stainless-steel valves. As both a recognized leader for copper press connections and the originators of the first press fitting for carbon steel piping, Viega is an industry leader whose products are used around the world.

What global icons rely on Viega LLC in Albuquerque & El Paso?

  • The Statue of Liberty: An unquestionable symbol of freedom, requires unquestionable product reliability keep it in excellent repair. When a new fire system required installation, experts turned to Viega’s ProPress Copper piping system. Cost-effective with exceptionally durable, the ProPress helped the completed system earn UL approval and it continues to protect the lives of those who visit this beacon of opportunity.
  • The Pentagon: Those who protect our citizens deserve the same round-the-clock reliability. In 1994, the Pentagon underwent a complete renovation that would take 17 years to finish. With over 27 miles of piping throughout the structure, it was imperative that they choose a piping system for their sanitary and heating installations that would not disappoint. Viega’s ProPress was chosen to ensure a more secure fit that could be installed in half the time.
  • Serenade of the Seas: The last place you want your piping system to fail is in the middle of the ocean. When Royal Caribbean International introduced the luxurious Serenade of the Seas cruise ship, it was expected that every inch of this vessel would be created with the best products from around the world. The cold press technology featured in Viega’s ProPress system, along with Viega’s patented Smart Connect, created the safest and most reliable piping system in RCI’s fleet.

Viega – Great Around The Globe

Viega’s products are used in some of the most important structures around the world which is why we make their first-class products available to you. Trust Viega LLC and let Albuquerque Pipe and Pump Supply Company provide you with the reliable products you need to please your customers.