Viega Products

Viega Products in Albuquerque and El Paso

Albuquerque Pipe & Pump Supply is a proud retailer of Viega products like ProPress, MegaPress, and PEX.

Viega ProPress

Viega’s copper ProPress line has more than 600 different configurations to choose from, and it is approved for more applications than any other copper press fitting system. The fittings are available with three different sealing elements, allowing you to install the same system in many different applications.

Viega MegaPress

Viega’s carbon steel MegaPress line has over 200 different engineered fitting configurations, and can be used on pipe ranging from schedule 5 to schedule 40. With no more manual tightening, the elimination of cleanup, and the reduction of callbacks, MegaPress can save 50-90% on installed costs.

Viega PureFlow PEX Press

Viega’s PureFlow PEX Press line is the first true press system in the PEX market. Factory assembled fittings reduce installation errors, and the Viega Smart Connect technology for PureFlow Press Polymer helps identify unpressed connections. Whatever your press fitting needs are, Albuquerque Pipe & Pump Supply has a solution.

ABQ Pipe & Pump Supply Co. is your trusted source of Viega products in Albuquerque and El Paso.